Our 2014 Open Day

Our open day 2014 was a great success. Thanks to all the students who learned their songs and lines, who helped put together the presentation and film, and who performed so enthusiastically! Thanks to the parents who helped organise and brought a dish to share. And huge thanks to our Principal, Magdalena, and all the teachers including Rita who made the performances so memorable!

The food and the weather were perfekt!

The food and the weather were perfekt!

SBS Radio was there. Oliver Heuthe reports on the school and the day.

The film from Jill’s Class
The sixteen students in our year 8 and 9 class put together a stop-motion film under the direction of one of the students, Angourie Rice, and Jill’s assistant, Kieran.

Run Creative's clever stickers were a big hit

Run Creative’s clever stickers were a big hit

The mood inside the hall was as sunny as the weather outside

The mood inside the hall was as sunny as the weather outside

The photos above and all of the printed materials used on the day were designed, created and/or donated by Natalie of Run Creative.


Welcome, Kirsten Schliephake

Dr Kirsten Schliephake is a highly-qualified native German speaker. As well teaching a class for Years 2 and 3 at the German Saturday School, she currently holds a teaching and learning position at Monash University. Previously Kirsten has held academic positions at Deakin University and Swinburne University of Technology. In addition to holding several significant qualifications Kirsten has a certificate in higher education from Monash University and is engaged as a parent helper in her son’s primary school.

Dr Kirsten Schliephake

Open Day 2014

We look forward to seeing you at our Open Day this Saturday morning. It’s a great opportunity to witness GSS education in action by visiting the classrooms from 9 to 10am. There’ll be coffee and cakes during the morning and then from 10:45 to noon the students will put on a performance in the school hall behind the school building.

School committee members, teachers and our principal, Magdalena, will all be wearing name tags. Feel free to introduce yourself, ask questions, or offer your help with setting up chairs, food and drink. And of course we always encourage new faces and ideas on the committee, so if you’re keen to play an active role in the education of your charges, please let us know. In particular we need a president and a treasurer — no previous community school experience is necessary.

If you’re able to bring a plate of food to share, please drop it off in the kitchen/staff room and committee members will bring it out for sharing as soon as possible. Pretzels will be on offer for $2. The general public is welcome, too, so feel free to spread the word.
2014 Open Day Invitation
See you Saturday.