Fee Payments Policy

Whilst the school receives some funding from the State and Federal Governments its continued operation is almost entirely dependent on the contributions that parents are required to make to the German Saturday in the form of School Fees.

Amounts to be Paid

Fees are payable for all students attending the German Saturday School (GSS), and the annual rate is determined by the Parents’ Committee and announced prior to the start of the year. The amounts are also published on the website.

The fee for children who attend day school in Victoria is reduced when the formal Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) enrolment form is completed for each school age child by the set date (this is usually near to the end of March). Each form must be signed by the principle of the day school the child is attending and must also be stamped by that school. A failure to ensure that these conditions are met or the late submission of the form can mean that the reduction cannot be given by the German Saturday School.

The amount of the reduction given by the German Saturday School is dependent on the money received from DEECD, and may vary from year to year.

Forms of Payment

Fees are payable by electronic bank transfer to the German Saturday School nominated bank account. Cash, credit cards or other forms of payment are not accepted.

Payment Date

The payment of the full fee amount is expected in term that the student is first enrolled for. For students enrolled at the start of the year this means that payment is due by the end of Term 1.

Late and Partial Enrolments

When students are enrolled later in the year or only attend for a portion of the year then the fee will be reduced accordingly.The minimum fee charge is for one term, which equates to 25% of the full fee.


A fee discount of 10% for three or more children in the same family will apply to enrolments fully paid in the first half of the year.

A fee discount of 10% is available to GSS teachers who have a child or children attending classes at the German Saturday School.

Discounts are calculated on the full fee amount prior to the reduction in fees due to the DEECD subsidy.

Other Considerations

Where the Parents’ Committee has made the decision to exclude a student from the school after grievance/discipline processes have been followed, a full pro-rata refund for the remaining weeks will be arranged.


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